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WELCOME to the Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet (SUN) community website.

You will find lots of interesting information about our 2 villages, including our history. the work of our Parish Councils, community activities, groups, clubs, schools and businesses. 

We want to keep you informed about current activities and emerging news items of interest that are likely to affect the residents who live and work here. We have added a community events calendar and hot topics section which will be regularly updated. Everyone is invited to contribute to the website. so please send us anything of interest if you are involved in a local group.

Essentially this is a live site that we hope you will find useful.  If there are things you want to include yourself, or items you would like to see on the site that are not featured at present, please use the contact form.

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SPC - Planning Committee Meeting on May 5th

Planning Committee Agenda 16.5.03.docx
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SPC - Finance Committee Meeting on May 3rd

Finance Committee Agenda 16.05.03.docx
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UNPC - Planning Committee Meeting on May 3rd

Uft planning comm may 16.doc
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UNPC – Annual Parish Meeting 10 March 2016 Report

160310 Ufton Nervet Annual Meeting repor[...]
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UNPC – Meeting 10 March 2016 Report

160310 Ufton Nervet PC report ghb.docx
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St Peter’s Ufton Charitable Trust

An interim report for Local Councils for[...]
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Sulhamstead & Ufton Nervet Primary School

‘SUN’ School is a small village school with just over 100 children from the age of 5 up to 11. Over the last few months we’ve been busy with some exciting events.

Back in January we celebrated Burns’ Night when we were lucky enough to have Colin Thompson coming in with his bagpipes. He piped the haggis into the school hall and told the children a bit about the ceremony and where it comes from. Parents and siblings came and joined us.

Ash class, years 3 & 4, had an Egyptian workshop in school, organised by Ufton Court who told the lives all about the everyday lives of the Ancient Egyptians. The topic week culminated in a class assembly when the children made Egyptian headdresses and dressed up, looking fantastic.

Last week we participated in the ‘Clean for the Queen’ national litter picking campaign, where Tony Holden came along with two life-size cardboard cut-outs of the Queen and 100 litter picking sticks.

The children had fun collecting a heap of items off the school field!

This week we’ve just had an art exhibition organised by our Friends of SUN parents where the children painted some beautiful pictures that were framed by an outside company and then displayed in the school hall. Parents came to view and buy the pictures which was a lovely gift for them, and also raised some money for the school.

Newbury In Bloom

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UNFAC 2015 Summary Report for UNPC

UNFAC Summary Report 2015 (1).doc
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Report for Sulhamstead PC on the Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet Village Hall

Report for Sulhamstead PC 2016.doc
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Ufton Nervet APA Meeting Agenda

2015-16 APA Noticeboard Agenda.doc
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Sulhamstead Annual Parish Assembly

2015-16 APA Noticeboard Agenda(1).doc
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2016.03.24 Noticebaord Agenda.docx
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Clean for the Queen - What a success!!!!

CFTQ Press Release 07.03.16.pdf
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West Berkshire Community Broadband

West Berkshire Community Broadband was born out of a desperate need for better connectivity across the communities of Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet including the School, Greens, Hamlets and isolated homes within the parish. 


We are a business run on a not for profit basis by a team of volunteers which means all the money goes into providing a great service.


While we know that there is a high speed fibre solution coming to the main areas of the parish in a couple of years, we have no committed dates and it is likely that only the higher population areas will be provided with service.


We are starting off with providing a 100Mb/s service shared across the community. This is a dedicated service that will provide a service that is comparable or better for each user than a 100Mb/s residential service provided by BT.

TVERC Programme 2016

TVERC Training Programme_2016.pdf
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SUN Community Broadband

SUN Community Broadband.pdf
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View of a lake adjoining Sulhamstead A view of the lake adjoining Sulhamstead.

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