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Latest Update on Covid-19 27/4/20

Parish Active Support Group

There is an active support group in the parish which is at the following facebook site - you will have to join to access the page as it is a closed group.

If you are just in need of some assistance and wish to go directly to our form requesting some help then please click the link below - thank you.

UPDATE Recycling Centres Open

Now that both Recycling Centres have been open for 5 days, a review of the traffic management has taken place.  


A339 Newtown Road, Newbury

A northbound lane closure was installed last week on this section of road near the Recycling Centre to slow and control traffic entering the site. It is felt that traffic is coping better with this new addition and both the 30mph speed limit and lane closure will remain in place until further notice.  


Padworth Lane, Padworth

Traffic is coping very well at this site and traffic volumes are less than expected, mainly due to the effective implementation of a booking system for Recycling Centre customers. As a result, the road closure on Padworth Lane and the 30mph speed limit on the A4 will be removed as of Wed 20th May (tomorrow). All traffic for the Recycling Centre should still approach from the A4 wherever possible and bookings will now be checked at the access into the Recycling Centre. Please note that there is also a planned closure of Rag Hill/Sopers Lane on Wed 20th May which may affect access to or from the Recycling Centre.


Both locations will continue to be monitored and any further changes may be implemented with very little or no notice if and when necessary. Bookings are still necessary to visit both sites and trailers are not permitted at either site.


We would like to thank motorists and residents for cooperating with us to make the changes work successfully.  

Information from West Berks Council

27.03.20 Council Services during Covid-1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [163.4 KB]
2020-03-26 WBC COVID Residents Leaflet A[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [677.8 KB]

Public Protection Partnership on the increase in reported cases of bonfires

Bonfire Bulletin for Members and Town an[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [120.5 KB]


The next stages in a major Covid-19 action plan aimed at ensuring local patients, staff and communities are guaranteed first class health care and support have been outlined by hospital leaders today.

The far reaching plan builds on work already in place at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust and is aimed at reassuring people that everything possible is being done to make sure they are kept safe and well during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

There are four main strands to the plan:

·         To reduce the number of people – patients, visitors and staff – on hospital sites

·         To increase and enhance the RBH’s capacity to treat patients

·         To reduce demand so the focus is on the patients most in need of help

·         To look after hard working staff and make sure they have the equipment and facilities they need

Measures have already been put in place to tackle these critically important areas.

  • Many more people are being offered virtual outpatient clinic appointments to receive healthcare over the phone or via a laptop.
  • Visitors have been restricted to one per patient per day.  
  • The hospital layout has been revised to establish separate zones to deal with the differing needs of patients and keep everyone safe
  • Intensive care capacity has increased from 14 to 34 beds
  • Elective surgery has been suspended to free up time for key staff to be retrained in other more urgent areas of work

Now the next phase of the action plan is being implemented and this will mean more changes to the way the hospital works and the way patients and visitors will be asked to operate.

In a bid to further reduce the number of people coming on to the hospital site, some services may be deferred, and other services may be moved to alternative private hospital settings. Children under the age of 12 will no longer be able to go to the RBH as visitors.

To increase capacity to deal with Covid 19 patients, there are plans to increase intensive care beds to 56 and health managers are in talks with the independent sector to move urgent surgery to private hospitals.

Demand in A&E has seen a fall recently but more needs to be done to ease the pressure on staff and an ‘Ask A&E’ online helpline service is being explored.

The welfare of staff is paramount in the action plan and senior management teams are looking at what more can be offered to ease the unprecedented demands facing all those working in the hospital – the clinicians and vital back up and support teams like cleaners, porters and admin employees.

Trust Chief Executive Steve McManus, said: “Whilst we’re all in very new territory with this virus we have a huge amount of tried and tested experience of planning for and dealing with major outbreaks like this. There are national and regional systems in place to support us and this, coupled with the work we’re doing at the Trust, is all aimed at keeping everyone safe and making sure we can sustain this level of care for the period of this outbreak.

“We all know now that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and it’s crucial we plan and operate in a careful, measured way over the next few weeks and months so our resources, both staff, equipment and facilities, are able to continue providing exceptional standards of care.

“We have amazing staff with many, many years of expertise, experience and knowledge behind them and I want people to know they are in safe hands.

“This incredible wealth of healthcare expertise is being enhanced by the really outstanding support from our local communities and partners and we can’t thank them enough for all their on-going support,” he said.

“We recognise we’re asking a lot of people, often at very difficult times in their lives when they are unwell or wanting to be with people who are ill. Our staff too are facing all sorts of difficult day-to-day issues and this is why the support and understanding we offer to each other is so important.

“With this in mind, I really do hope people will appreciate why we’ve had to take some of the decisions we have taken, for example around visiting family and loved ones in hospital. I know this will be extremely hard for some people but we can’t say it enough -  If we are to successfully deal with this virus, stop its spread, treat those affected and free up the hospital’s resources to do so, then we have to take these sort of serious steps now. 

“So my message to them is please think again just how much they really do need to make that visit. Can they keep in touch with their loved one over the phone for now? By choosing not to come into the building they are doing a huge amount to help our staff,” he added.

Roadworks, closures and traffic interruptions alert

Kingston Lane, Sulhamstead, West Berkshire

02 June - 06 June

Delays possible - Diversion route

Name: Diversion

Location: Kingston Lane

Description: Streetworks / License - Streetworks

Responsibility for event: West Berkshire

Current status: Planned



Kingston Lane, Sulhamstead, West Berkshire

02 June - 06 June

Delays possible - Road closure

Name: Kingston Lane

Location: Kingston Lane

Description: Streetworks / License - Streetworks

Responsibility for event: West Berkshire

Current status: Planned




Bath Road, Padworth, West Berkshire

10 June — 10 June

Delays likely - Lane closure

Works location: Lane 1 Closure West Bound

Works description: Site Survey

Responsibility for works: West Berkshire

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: JV00500011998



Kingston Lane, Sulhamstead, West Berkshire

02 June — 06 June

Delays likely - Road closure

Works location: Road Closure on Carrigeway for Gang to park van safely Burningham Hill,Kingston Lane RG7 4DP

Works description: 1 New Water connection for Burningham Hill, Kingston Lane RG7 4DP NoExcavation on C/W in Carriageway. Our intention is to complete thePermanent Reinstatement in the same phase

Responsibility for works: THAMES WATER

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: MU306000808805120100-001



Hawksworth Road, Burghfield Common, West Berkshire

10 June — 12 June

Delays possible - Traffic control (multi-way signals)

Works location: 21


Responsibility for works: THAMES WATER

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: MU026001439NKTZ--000001



Omers Rise, Burghfield Common, West Berkshire

02 June — 04 June

Delays unlikely - Some carriageway incursion

Works location: O/S 4 , OMERS RISE

Works description: Install 3m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Provide 2 core drill(s) into jointbox or building

Responsibility for works: Openreach

Current status: Planned work about to start

Works reference: BC006TI001LC500291059600

The following events have been cancelled, mostly due to Covid-19 virus

7/6/20 Kintbury 5 (running race)

8/8/20 TVP Open Day, Sulhampstead  


This list is by no means complete.




What is CIL?

CIL is a general levy on all new development, designed to raise funds for infrastructure needed generally as a result of an increase in development in the area. The developer pays CIL to the District Council and a percentage is given to the Parish Council. CIL can then be used to provide or improve infra- structure and to then operate or maintain that infrastructure within a community.

West Berks Directory

directory leaflet Final.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [847.1 KB]

Thames Water Priority Services

Article for Parish Councils.docx
Microsoft Word document [46.5 KB]

Longer opening hours for Padworth Recycling Centre

West Berkshire residents will soon have more time to recycle and dispose of their rubbish at Padworth Recycling Centre.

The Recycling Centre will be open every day from 8am to 6pm as part of a pilot scheme beginning next month. The additional hours will give residents more flexibility to access waste services at the site, including taking their general rubbish and bulky waste.

The pilot scheme will run from 1 April 2019 until 30 September 2019.

Councillor Hilary Cole, Executive Member for Waste Services said:

"Last year Padworth Recycling Centre began accepting general waste and now the site will be opening earlier too. With longer opening hours and the site able to handle more rubbish it's now even easier to dispose of excess rubbish and recycling.

"These improvements are part of our commitment to residents in the east of the district to improve our facility at Padworth. Comparatively the site is not used as fully as Newtown Road and we hope that the new opening hours will increase use of the site. This pilot will help assess demand for the site and we will be reviewing use throughout the summer before deciding whether to make the change permanently."

Residents are reminded to display their permit in the windscreen of the car to help minimise queuing. A list of materials accepted and a user guide for the site can be found at www.westberks.gov.uk/recyclingcentres

Smart Water and Immobilise

Smart Water


  • Property marking liquid
  • Each bottle has a unique code that can be traced back to the owner
  • No need to register every item individually
  • Lasts for a minimum of 5 years including property outdoors
  • Only a small amount required and very difficult to remove
  • Only visible under UV light
  • Can be used on anything including jewellery and machinery


See more at: https://smartwater.com




  • UK national property register
  • Free registration
  • When an item registered on Immobilise has its status set to @lost@ or @stolen@ the details of the item are viewable by all UK policy forces via their own computer systems on the National Mobile Property Register
  • Second-hand traders and members of the public will be alerted not to buy or sell lost/stolen items via CheckMEND, the national second hand stolen property database.


See more at: https://www.immobilise.com

Police Support Volunteers

Police Support Volunteers are key members of our policing family and provide support and assistance to officers and staff across the force. Individuals in the community are encouraged to become volunteers and use their skills, experience and knowledge to support us in our work.

As part of all of the initial training programmes, we utilise volunteers to act out pre-planned scenarios.

The PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) and IPLDP (Initial Police Development Programme) courses are largely classroom based, and the training scenarios give the students the opportunity to practically apply their theoretical knowledge.

The scenarios are generally all run from the force training centre at Sulhamstead, however there are other opportunities to take part in some large force run training operations. Please note:- all of the training at Sulhamstead is undertaken outside, in all weathers.

Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and are aged 16 and above. 16 to 18 year olds will need the permission of a parent or guardian. We will pay your out-of-pocket expenses and there are no minimum amount of hours you have to complete.

For More information and to apply. https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/join-us/volunteers/

Activity for Older People at Theale Library

Quiz and reminiscence.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [528.1 KB]

Recruiting Bank Garden Centre Assistants

Englefield Garden Centre Advert 2.docx
Microsoft Word document [159.9 KB]

Current Whats On

Parish Transport Posters and CT Leaflets

T_Community transport parish posters DM_[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [210.5 KB]

Sue Ryder News

Please click on the graphic above to take you to the Sue Ryder News page - thank you.

Household Waste and Recycling

Click here for latest info on the permit scheme for Padworth and Greenham sites.

West Berkshire Community Broadband

West Berkshire Community Broadband was born out of a desperate need for better connectivity across the communities of Sulhamstead and Ufton Nervet including the School, Greens, Hamlets and isolated homes within the parish. 


We are a business run on a not for profit basis by a team of volunteers which means all the money goes into providing a great service.


While we know that there is a high speed fibre solution coming to the main areas of the parish in a couple of years, we have no committed dates and it is likely that only the higher population areas will be provided with service.


We are starting off with providing a 100Mb/s service shared across the community. This is a dedicated service that will provide a service that is comparable or better for each user than a 100Mb/s residential service provided by BT.

View of a lake adjoining Sulhamstead A view of the lake adjoining Sulhamstead.

Weather Update

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