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The William Bishop Trust

This charity was set up in 1846 to establish a church school for the poor children in the Parish of Ufton Nervet. The trust can benefit students under the age of 25 years who have attended SUN school and are in need of financial help towards the furtherance of their education. Such a student can make an application for help for specialist clothing, tolls, books, musical instruments and any other item needed for the continuation of their study.

Contact: Mrs S Price.

Telephone: 0118 983 2058 or Email:

Ufton Nervet Fuel Allotment Charity

Provides last resort grants/relief of need to individuals within the electoral area of Ufton Nervet and Sulhamstead and can assist with community projects.

Contact: Simon Lindley (Secretary)

The Dame Elizabeth Marvyn Charity

Lady Marvyn, the wife of Sir John Marvyn, died in 1581, and in her will made provision for the annual distribution of wheat, canvas and cloth to the "poore of Ufton". Before marrying Sir John, Elizabeth had been the wife of Richard Perkins, the owner of Ufton Court and the manors of Ufton Pole and Ufton Robert. Over the years, the tradition of "The Ufton Dole" has been somewhat altered, so that all households in the old ecclesiastical parish of Ufton Nervet, now receive two large loaves of bread and in some eligible cases (on a five-year rota), towels. The "Dole" is still distributed every year, on a Thursday in Lent, from the same window above the terrace at Ufton Court.

For more information, please contact: Richard Smith (Hon Secretary and Treasurer) Email: