Characters and Ghosts!

In the late 18th century, Dr Henry Beke, Rector of Ufton, was the government financial consultant who devised income tax.

Florence Nagle took on the Jockey Club in 1966 and won a famous victory, forcing racing's ruling body to give licences to women trainers like her.

The Reverend James Fraser was spotted by Gladstone as a clergyman with huge potential. He was promoted straight from country vicar to be Bishop of Manchester.

In Victorian times, a girl was run down by a cart and killed in the lane between Sulhamstead Abbots and Ufton Nervet. Since then, on November evenings, the sound of the invisible cart and horses has been heard coming up behind walkers near the spot where the accident happened.

Bottom Lane is said to be haunted by a headless figure, whose gender is unknown.

The ghost of a Victorian Lord of the Manor was seen in the old churchyard shortly after his death in 1870. And the adjoining Meales Farm was once haunted by a ghostly figure that also walked the nearby fields.

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