What is CIL?

CIL is a general levy on all new development, designed to raise funds for infrastructure needed generally as a result of an increase in development in the area. The developer pays CIL to the District Council and a percentage is given to the Parish Council. CIL can then be used to provide or improve infra- structure and to then operate or maintain that infrastructure within a community.

What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure may be a physical thing such as a building, a playground or a zebra crossing that becomes more necessary as a result of the development. It also could be the provision of a service that might not exist at the moment, such as transport for the elderly or a community cafe. CIL can’t be used for maintenance of existing services.

Burghfield Park

The Burghfield Park Development in Hollybush Lane is well underway. As a result Sulhamstead Parish Council is starting to receive Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds from the developer via the District Council. We are expecting in the region of £120,000 in total.

Residents in Sulhamstead Parish have received a leaflet explaining all about CIL, with a request to provide ideas as to how the money might be spent.  The Parish Council are now assessing those ideas, and inviting applications for funding. The timetable for assessing and distributing funds is as follows:

All applications to be received by the end of January 2020.  Applicants will be asked to attend the Parish Council to give a 5 minute presentation of their submission for funds, and these will take place during February 2020.  Funds will be allocated by the end of March 2020.

Please contact the Clerk, Sulhamstead Parish Council, New Cottage, Sulhamstead Abbots for an application form, or alternatively please download the form below and return it completed via email to

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