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Ufton Nervet Parish Council

Data Protection Privacy Notice


Ufton Nervet Parish Council is committed to protecting the personal data it holds in line with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations, and holds personal data securely, and for the minimum period necessary.


Ufton Nervet Parish Council holds under statute details of Councilors, which is used for the purpose of advising Councilors of meetings and other administrative business, paying expenses, and passing on correspondence from residents and enquirers. It is updated when the Council is re-elected. Some information about Councilors is available on the Parish Council’s website. There is a statutory requirement to publicise a Register of Interests, and hold a Register of Gifts for Councilors, this information is collected from Councilors and kept updated.


Ufton Nervet Parish Council holds employment details including salary and pension information for all its current employees, and for past employees as required. This information is held and retained under statutory provisions and in accordance with statutory timescales.


Ufton Nervet Parish Council may at times hold contact details for organisations or individuals working with, providing services to, or contracted to the Parish Council, or attending Parish Council events. This information will be held solely for this purpose, but the contact details may need to be retained for financial accounting purposes or contractual purposes in accordance with statutory timescales (normally six years).


Ufton Nervet Parish Council may retain correspondence with speakers, donors, residents, enquirers and other individuals who contact or are contacted by the Parish Council in connection with the Parish Council’s statutory role. Such correspondence will only be retained for the working life of the information, and in general, not beyond a year. Correspondents should be aware that correspondence may be shared, where appropriate, with councilors, or with advisory parties such as the Berkshire Association of Local Councils (BALC) and its consultants, or staff within the District Council.


Where minutes and reports, or other similar documents contain personal names, this information is retained for archival purposes as part of the formal records of Ufton Nervet Parish Council. The minimal amount of information required is recorded in such cases.


Individuals have the right to ask to see the information we hold about you and may object to how your personal information is used or ask that personal information about you is deleted.


The Data Controller for Ufton Nervet Parish Council is the Council. If you have an enquiry regarding personal data held by the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk:


Fiona Jones


Phone: 07947 027065


Or use the contact form on the website to get in touch: